Below you will find a list of the questions I get asked on a regular basis.

When an electrician is carrying an accreditation on their van or clothing such as “NAPIT” it means they’re registered to certify their own work and issue you with a certificate. They’ve gone through yearly assessments to check that they’re carrying out their work to the regulations, carry the correct insurance and up to date qualifications. If you’re unsure, you can always check their name on the governing bodies websites.

All jobs are very different and will require different amounts of materials and labour. Electric is very dangerous. Being attracted to that “cheap quote” is something that comes natural to all of us, but when dealing with something that is potentially deadly going for the cheapest option simply isn’t the best idea. We may not not necessarily be the cheapest, but we offer a quality service that is to the highest standards you can feel confident in its safety.

An RCD is a safety device in your fuse board. It constantly monitors the electric current travelling through the live and neutral cable. As long as both currents measure the same, it will let the electric continue. The moment it changes, it will isolate the power. Why? well if the electric current changes between the two then it must have gone somewhere right? well that could be through a dodgy appliance casing or it could be through you. So its a device we all need in our fuse boards and many older installations don’t have them. That’s why a fuse board upgrade is always advised should they not.

When a fault occurs in your wiring a safety device in your fuse board will switch the power off to the circuit with a fault. It could be just an appliance tripping one circuit or it could be your whole house. Try unplugging all appliances, flick the electric on, if it stays on its an appliance, if it doesn’t its best to call a local Electrician.