What is NAPIT?

NAPIT Registered Electrician

NAPIT, an acronym for “National Association of Professional Inspectors and Testers” is an organisation dedicated to ensuring high standards in the field of electrical installation, testing, and inspecting. Founded with the intention of enhancing electrical safety and competence. NAPIT is a trusted authority within the industry. 

To be a member means you’ve been assessed to the highest standards, kept up with regulations and are legally allowed to sign off electrical work and proved a certificate. 

NAPIT brings together a community of skilled and qualified electricians, electrical inspectors and electrical testing specialists. The association serves as a platform for individuals to share knowledge, best practices and stay updated to keep up with the latest regulations.

NAPIT plays a vital role in setting industry standards and ensuring compliance with electrical regulations. It actively collaborates with governing bodies, agencies, and other industry organisations to safeguard public welfare.

One of the main objectives of NAPIT is to uphold the highest level of professionalism and competence among its members or qualified electricians. The association offers a comprehensive certification scheme to assess its members meet the highest standards of expertise and conduct.

NAPIT provides a wide range of services including access to technical advice should its members need, training programs and industry updates. These resources allow its members to provide the best services possible. 

Furthermore, NAPIT actively engages with its members through regional meeting,m seminars, webinars and conferences. This creates opportunities for members to share knowledge through networking with like-minded electricians. 

A sense of community and collaboration, NAPIT strengthens the collective expertise of its members and promotes a better standard for electricians. If your local electrician carries this badge, you’re safe in the knowledge you’re dealing with a qualified electricians to carry out your home improvements. 

In summary. NAPIT is a leading organisation within electrical inspection ad testing, dedicated to promoting safety and competence.

Through the certification scheme, community building, resources, NAPIT strives to raise standards and ensure electrical work is conducted safely and in compliance from a qualified electrician.